Sustainable Revenue Growth for Independent Research Firms

“With the help of FRS’s disciplined sales system, our firm experienced great growth despite a challenging market environment.”

—Kevin Mason, Managing Director, ERA Forest Products Research


Financial Research Solutions assists financial research firms generate sales, open new accounts and manage relationships with the institutional buy-side.


Your Revenues

Our proprietary sales process grows the revenues of the firms we represent.


Your Risk

FRS Alliance’s success-based business
model minimizes your
downside risk.


On Your Research

Outsource your sales efforts
to FRS and stay focused on
producing top-quality research.

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“Partnering with FRS allowed us to further our growth and take our top-line revenue to new heights.”

—Mark Friedman & Marni Shapiro, Managing Partners, The Retail Tracker

FRS takes care of all the details, including:
  • Prospecting for, following up on, and closing new accounts
  • Coordinating new research trials
  • Screening potential clients and initiating relationships with qualified prospects
  • Booking meetings and teleconferences with new prospects
  • Creating joint sales and research presentations

  • Invoicing and accounts receivable follow-up
  • Managing ongoing client relationships
  • Up-selling existing relationships
  • Ensuring our clients are admitted to the research vote process at large money-management firms
  • Designing marketing campaigns, websites, and publications to ensure that the quality of your research is reflected in your corporate image

Frequently asked questions

Who does FRS work with?

FRS works exclusively with financial research firms that produce the highest quality, unbiased, independent research on the financial markets. We work with firms that focus on a particular industry segment or specialize in a particular investment methodology. We target firms whose research provides actionable investment recommendations.

Does FRS have an established network in the financial industry?

FRS has forged relationships with hundreds of accounts in the financial sector across the US, Europe, and beyond. These relationships open doors for our research clients with some of the world’s largest buy-side firms.

Using our database of over 70,000 CIOs, portfolio managers, and analysts, our proprietary sales process penetrates the new accounts that have the greatest need for your specialized research content.

FRS has also established CSA’s (Commission Sharing Arrangements) with Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, CSFB, J.P. Morgan, Merrill Lynch, Instinet, and dozens of smaller soft dollar brokers to facilitate payment transactions for our clients.

What does FRS require from the research firm?

We require the following:

  • Access to your research for product evaluation purposes
  • Interviews with a cross-section of your current client base (typically 4–6 clients)
  • Research trials for new prospects, paid and complimentary
  • The participation of senior research staff in presentations to new prospects

Why does FRS need access to our research?

Institutional money managers rely on FRS to provide the best quality investment research possible. Access to your research product will allow us to ensure that it meets quality standards. Reviewing your reports before starting your marketing campaign will help us understand the unique merits of your research product.

Why does FRS interview our clients?

Speaking with a cross-section of your current client base will give us a better understanding of who uses your product and why. We use this feedback as the starting point for your marketing campaign.

Why does FRS give new prospects complimentary research trials?

The longer the trial period, the higher the conversion rate to a paying client. It can take money managers six months (or longer) to incorporate your research into their investment methodology. We use both paid trials and un-paid (free) trials to generate interest in your research and to secure new clients.

Does FRS provide product feedback?

Yes, we’ll keep you up to date with what your clients are saying about your research. You can use this valuable information to improve your products and identify new business opportunities.

Do you have more questions?

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Financial Research Solutions has the sales expertise, financial knowledge, and industry network you need to capitalize on your competitive strength—the quality of your research product.


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